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Thank you from all of us at GHTG for helping make this dream become a reality !!!

Grim Hunter only exists because of all of you, our loyal customers. Without all of you we would not be able to do what we do. We wouldn't be able to help all the people we have helped with the gear we build for them, and we wouldn't be able to give the donations we give to the many Veteran & Law Enforcement charities and funds we currently help. If there is anything we can ever do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Without you there is no GHTG.

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Our Gear is made to order and each order is considered a pre-order. 

We are currently extremely busy and our wait times are quite long and depending on the gear and options you choose it can be multiple months. We want to be up front about this. BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER PLEASE BE WILLING TO WAIT FOR THE GEAR!!!

We are working to expand our staff and bring shipping times down. We are very particular with our staff and we will NOT cut corners or outsource overseas and lessen the quality of our gear for any reason.


  We prioritize military, law enforcement, and government orders which can also push back orders. I apologize for this but we believe the people risking their life everyday need and deserve the gear quickly.

  Lately we have been backed up and keep getting emails asking about shipping times. We hand make everything in our shop on a per order basis. Many times we make extras but they are usually bought up quickly.

Having everything set up this way allows us to let you customize your gear with more options but adds to the time spent building the gear. We also use double the material then you will see in 90% of gear, which also extends our build times. 


  We have hired some new people to help us clear out the back log, but please be patient with us during this time. 


  With how everything has been lately our ability to get certain materials has been hindered a bit also.


When choosing the MOLLE/PALS webbing option on any of our gear please understand this is only the Grid Webbing sewn to the back of your gear and it does not come with a piece of webbing with a snap to thread through the webbing and attach.  All of our pouches will need some sort of "clip" similar to Malice clips, or speed clips which we offer.
I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We have made our gear this way since we opened our doors and 99% of our customers prefer this setup for one reason or another. This is for the 1% who may have had the question on your mind. If you have any questions or if you would like to know what we recommend for "clips" please dont hesitate to reach out to us at


GHTG will gladly ship anywhere in the world. Let us know where you live and we will make a custom order invoice for you and include the international shipping with the price of your order. We do our best to find the cheapest shipping option for you, unfortunately shipping internationally is not cheap and in some cases can cost more then the item itself.

Check out our fabric color choices

At GHTG we are constantly trying to update and keep current with what our clients needs and wants are. One of the ways we do this is by adding new colors and patterns to our list of fabric colors. If there is a color or pattern you want that we do not currently stock, please just reach out to us and we will see what we can do to make that happen for you.

You can check out our current Fabric Colors Here.


We offer expedited order and shipping for active duty military, law enforcement, private military/government contractors, and certain government jobs. In order to get your order expedited you need to email us from an official email address to prove your status. Unfortunately some people are not honest and they would take away from us getting gear to people who actually NEED the gear for their job and to make sure they are safe and have the best gear possible to do the best job possible.
We understand this can be frustrating if your order gets pushed back for us to do another order, No one likes to wait for their gear, myself included. However, at GHTG we feel very strongly that we all need to make sacrifices for those who sacrifice so much for all of us to be able to live in the best country in the world!!!

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