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Grim Hunter was created so good people who needed quality gear could get it, and they could get it built in the USA by people who care. Grim Hunter Tactical Gear is used on a daily basis all over the world to help people. We take great pride in knowing that the gear we build helps some of the bravest, most badass people on the planet to do their jobs better.

I started Grim Hunter Tactical because I was sick of paying top dollar for low quality tactical gear that I would ruin, and need to replace almost faster then I could have new stuff shipped to me. I decided that I was probably able to make the gear myself using top of the line materials, along with putting the time and effort into making the gear right. I tried making a few things, and after some trial and error I came out with some of the designs you see on the site today. I started to carry and use some of the gear I was making, and gave some to a few friends to test for me. After a short time people started asking me about the gear I was carrying. Before I knew it people were asking me to make the same gear for them, or for me to create something completely new. As time progressed I got better at what I was doing and eventually after some coaxing from the Hunter in Grim Hunter, I decided to make more designs, experiment with new materials, and start this site. Now the quality gear I make is available for everyone to purchase.

Feel free to contact either of us with and questions, or concerns.

About Us: About Us


Owner, CFO Advertising, Social Media, & Customer Service

Hunter is our C.F.O and in charge of Social Media outreach and customer satisfaction. Really she does it all and we would be lost without her.

She can also kill you with a headbutt.



Owner, CEO, Creator, &
Gear Testing

Chris is the Owner, CEO,  Mastermind and the Creator of our products.

He is also our resident ass kicker extraordinaire and tailor of tactical gear.


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