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Below are the categories for all the items we offer here at Grim Hunter Tactical Gear. We strive to give you the best quality, hand made in the USA gear that you could ever ask for. We offer a wide range of products, but if you are looking for something that is not on our site, email us as we also make custom gear.


Chest Rigs & Battle Gear

Chest Rigs & Battle Gear

We make some great battle rigs. Everything from full size chest rigs, to mini chest rigs and battle belts.

Tactical Belts

Tactical Belts

We offer a wide range of belts with many different patterns, options of regular or Cobra buckles and thread color options. Our belts will keep you looking good, while meeting your tactical or daily needs.

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Pouches, Accessories & Gear

Pouches, Accessories & Gear

From gear pouches & mag pouches for the range, to velcro backed pockets & gear for our large modular bags. we have everything you could ever want or need!

If there is a bag you want that we don't carry, email us and we will see if we can make exactly what you need.

Gear Bags

Large Gear Bags

We make bags for every occasion, need, and necessity. EDC Bags, Laptop bags and Duffle bags are a few options you will find inside.
Keep an eye out for our Rifle Bags which will be released soon!


Shooting Accessories

Mag Pouches, Holsters & More!

We have a good selection of gear for all your shooting needs and we are constantly adding more to our product line. As avid competition and sport shooters we try to keep with the latest trends in gear and keep up with our clients wants and needs

Velcro Backed Holsters, Pouches & Gear Cards

Our Modular gear is made to work seamlessly together so you can customize your gear easily. This allows you to transform a bag set up for one specific use, into a bag that has multiple setups and multiple uses. All you have to do is swap around some pouches, gear cards, or holsters and you have a whole new bag setup for a completely different task.

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Slings & Sling Accessories

Our rifle slings were some of the first pieces of gear I made. They are also some of the first things i had people request to buy. I take alot of pride in these slings, because in a bad situation a sling is your connection to your rifle, which is your lifeline. We take that very serious.

Thigh Rigs

Magazine & Gear Pouch Thigh Rigs

Thigh rigs are a great way to add extra mags, medical gear, or other mission critical items to your loadout. Our thigh rigs keep you from having to overload your belt or chest rig, or if you need to carry a lot of gear they allow you to add items once your all filled up with gear everywhere else on your kit.




All things Grim Hunter Tactical Gear. Shirts, Hats, Wallets, Keychains. All The cool shit we could stick our name on.

Wallets and Card Carriers

We sell wallets with viewing windows and card carriers with morale patch hook and loop on the outside. Whatever you can imagine, we can probably make.


Other Misc. Products

Some of the other gear we make

This is all our gear that doesn't fit the above descriptions.

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