Cobra Buckle Riggers Belt

Cobra Buckle Riggers Belt

Our riggers belts are made with 2 layers of resin impregnated webbing of the best quality, we use genuine Cobra Buckles with a built in D-ring to have our belt offer the best quality and high strength for all your needs. The belts are very stiff and work great as a pistol belt that you can easily load up with mag carriers, medic pouches, and anything else you need to run on you belt. We also see people use them as the inner belt for your battle belt rig, allowing you to have a secure attachement point along with your battle belt setup.


These belts are great If you need to clip in to secure yourself while in a helicopter or any other area high off the ground,  rappel down something in an emergency situation when you have no 

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    We make all of our gear custom to order. Occasionally we have extra stock of certain items, but in most circumstances, gear is made to order with your specifications. To ensure the quality of the gear you are getting is the best possible, our wait time is between 8-12 weeks for all items. One exception is certain items that have no ETA, and may take longer due to the nature of the item or availability of materials. In most cases items will be shipped quickly, the 8-12 weeks is the absolute longest wait time experienced and not the normal shipping time.

    We expedite orders for active duty Military and Law Enforcement, which is another reason why our wait times are a bit longer. We appreciate all our customers equally, but we all have to make sacrifices for the people who sacrifice so much for us.

    If you have any special requests or concerns please contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate


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    If there is an issue with the gear you have received we will replace or repair at our discretion. Items that are damaged because of unrealistic use, or use other then the product is intended for will not fall under our warranty.


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