Medical Gear Pullout

Medical Gear Pullout

This product is made by many companies and most of them are pretty much the same setup for the most part. This pullout is meant to fit inside your standard stacked AR magazine pouch, it also fits perfectly inside our medical pouch w/ the medical sheers pocket. Our pullout is made with a stiff insert on both sides to keep it rigid, it has multiple pieces of elastic webing to hold and organize your gear, along with a red handle so when your looking at your gear pouches you know right away which one has the Medical Gear Pullout in it. This item can be stuffed full of gear and you might need a larger pouch to accomodate depending on what you decide to fill it with. 

We are currently working on a larger version to take full advantage of the space in our med pouch and it will also work well in our triple AR mag pouch.

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    We make all of our gear custom to order. Occasionally we have extra stock of certain items, but in most circumstances, gear is made to order with your specifications. To ensure the quality of the gear you are getting is the best possible, our wait time is between 8-12 weeks for all items. One exception is certain items that have no ETA, and may take longer due to the nature of the item or availability of materials. In most cases items will be shipped quickly, the 8-12 weeks is the absolute longest wait time experienced and not the normal shipping time.

    We expedite orders for active duty Military and Law Enforcement, which is another reason why our wait times are a bit longer. We appreciate all our customers equally, but we all have to make sacrifices for the people who sacrifice so much for us.

    If you have any special requests or concerns please contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate


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    If there is an issue with the gear you have received we will replace or repair at our discretion. Items that are damaged because of unrealistic use, or use other then the product is intended for will not fall under our warranty.


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